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4 Years later... [Oct. 15th, 2011|02:57 am]
Damian Warrington
[where the hell am I? |My room]
[How do I feel |accomplishedaccomplished]
[In my headphones |the sound of silence...]

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I must announce that I have moved to another blogging site. for those who do care, and like what I have to say, please go to:
Too Dork Park
I'll update you with much more there.
see you on the other end,
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2007|10:14 pm]
Damian Warrington
[How do I feel |happyhappy]

This was posted on my other blog about 6 months ago...

Not for the mentally closed, or faint hearted.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When Cicaidas Cry) is a  really cool murder mystery. Its about a town gone mad, and a boy caught in the middle. Its dark, and frickin scary at times. This was the best reccomendation I got out of all the" Watch Gravi! Yaoi! Wai! Neko!" things people (mostly Inuyasha obsessed Catgirls) say.

I've been watching anime for over 10 years,and I must say its the best thing I've seen in years.
AND NOW AN UPDATE!!! (July 2007)

I recently got a hold of some fansubs for the second season, now known as Higurashi no naku koro ni: Kai (When the Cicaidas Cry: Solutions) the first 2 episodes are fansubbed by Were in Denial, with a few others, but WinD is the best in my opinion... The third and current has yet to be subbed by them, but if youre an impatient bastard its being subbed by the others.
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Demonseed.. [Jun. 18th, 2007|10:05 pm]
Damian Warrington
I wrote this for the one who kept me alive at my lowest...

I beg your embrace
for the light is blinding and killing me
hindering my judgement
my actions

I wish to wake
with your onyx clad arms around me
your comfort
is all I want
Knowing you're close
isnt enough

My Demonseed
My Possessor
as the one I love
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A tale of a goth past his prime. [May. 13th, 2007|03:13 am]
Damian Warrington
[where the hell am I? |Kuroji Records studio]
[How do I feel |sleepysleepy]
[In my headphones |the whirring of High Powered Computers...]

I've kept it a secret, but yes, I've spent this year recovering High School credits at Westview High. I'm glad for my compulsory education to finally come to a close, and to fully experience my adulthood.

I'll skip the accademics for a moment and list a few of the people that kept me sane during my time there. I'm forever in your debt. These are the only people in Westview That I truly consider my friends.

Sachi- The first person I met; In early September my brother brought her over to our apartment for a party. Quite an intellectual one who I'm proud to say can hold interest with me in a conversation. We also share hundreds of interests. *curtsies* Kyonen arrigatou!!!

Lisa (X./Vivica [do not ask her, please])- Someone I can completely relate to being the same age and musical interest. We started a band which is flourishing and creating a small but growing fanbase. Words cannot describe my connection with her. My best friend there. *hugs*

Other Lisa- one of the few other goth (state of mind) people besides me there. Quite artistically talented and just adorable alltogether. *curtsies*

Will- This guy is how every other guy should be. I'd follow him to the depths of hell

Brodie- fucking weird girl, but I love her nonetheless.

The classes I had to take were pretty much easy, but there were alot of things that just made it so difficult for me to sit through, or in some cases attend.

Junior English: [.5 cred] The teacher, Mr. Furman is a pretty sweet guy, but I was stuck in there with most of the "popular" kids, making it that much more hard to relate to the newer youth.

PE/Basketball: [.25 cred] I LOATHE sports and at least my teacher could understand that. I was surrounded by Hot-shots and jocks of the like. What disturbed me the most is that I saw a "Me in the making". This poor, gangly freshman was and probably still is being harrased by the more experienced players, and buzzcut assholes. I dont doubt by his senior year, he'll be as surly as myself.

Geometry: [.5 cred] This was my third year taking it, and I finally passed. Thank the gods.

Japanese 2/3: [ 1 cred] While Its my 3rd year formally studying japanese, I felt it was in my best interest to take year two again. I did learn alot of new material, but I still was able to woo the class with things they wouldnt get to learn untill 3rd year.

thanks for listening to my non-sensical rant and I hope you guys show some love ^.^
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*does the "berries and cream" dance* [May. 7th, 2007|03:28 pm]
Damian Warrington
[where the hell am I? |moms computer]
[How do I feel |goodgood]
[In my headphones |Powerman 5000]

I found the source of the spontaneous popups, and cleared the programs responsible. apparently some software infiltrated my compy and it was "ad sposored". so I killed those dirty scurvy-dogs and now I'm at normal running capacity.

I still love you all forever.
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rage at itsmost sophisticated* [May. 6th, 2007|10:52 pm]
Damian Warrington
[where the hell am I? |on a comfy couch/bed/chair]
[How do I feel |annoyedannoyed]
[In my headphones |pop pop pop pop pop]

*approaches wearing a cute loli outfit*


*Curtsies and sits down*

*sips tea*


*deep breath*


Seriously this popup ad crap has got to end. seriously. who the hell invented these things? I dont feel like buying anything, they obviously dont work and are just made to annoy me. *three, no four, six! just popped up*

please, I'm desperate. can anyone here reccomend me a good pop up ad killer? I will love you forever if you do. Thank you.

*curtsies and leaves*
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Homesick? Hell no! [Apr. 25th, 2007|01:52 pm]
Damian Warrington
[where the hell am I? |home]
[How do I feel |hungryhungry]
[In my headphones |Bauhaus]

I'm sitting here today, with my mother on the phone listening her rattle off to my grandmother (maternal) a scattered and biased summary of my brother and myself's life so far ( which I did a wonderful job keeping it hidden.) Then she says that she misses New England. I completely disagree. Oregon is my true home. Sure, there are certain things I miss about NE, namely being my friends and old hangout spots, but its been replaced with better things.I've never regretted moving.

Thats my story and I'm stickin to it!
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News on teh band. [Apr. 24th, 2007|01:10 am]
Damian Warrington
[where the hell am I? |not somewhere clean...]
[In my headphones |Pablo Francisco]

yep. As you may or may not know, I have a Visual-Kei/Cabaret/Industrial band. And since its inception in January, it has had every single trouble an average band has in the span of 10 years:

-3 line up changes.
-A brief, but completely different artistic direction
-"creative" differences
- and a huge gap in when we recorded material.

and the kicker is, the demo doesn't even come out till June.

yep, crazyness



I'm a lesbian. XD
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what am I? [Apr. 16th, 2007|12:38 am]
Damian Warrington
[where the hell am I? |Yami....]
[How do I feel |boredbored]
[In my headphones |silence]

It dawned on me that I am practically Sceneless. So I did the retarded thing and made my own label for my self.

I am a Daiotaku Skate-Loli!!!! why? lemme explain:

Daiotaku- I am a geek in so many ways its not even funny. Ranging from Star Wars and Trek to Anime and Japanese stuff in general. Anything geeky, and I love it. w00t!

Skate- as a pre-teen I enjoyed punk and skater stuff, and it still carries with me to this day. Though I rollerskate as opposed to skateboard.

Loli- I am in love with Gothic culture. Its amazing how wrong peoples notions behind it are. Plus I have recently become infatuated with Gothic Lolita/Aristocrat fashion to the point of considering dressing that way when I'm not at school or working.

so if you ever see a dude with rollerskates and a Hello Kitty doll listening to Eve of Destiny, Say, "Hi, Damian!!!"

Wow... this post was fricking stupid.
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(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2007|03:18 pm]
Damian Warrington
[where the hell am I? |On my throne of plastic and cloth]
[In my headphones |Gackt- Mizerable, Ash, and Black Stone]

I cant see
my human reflection
but I see
the beauty inside

the reflection
has seen me

the only thing I can touch
but in my mind
the cold surface
is just as good
as warm skin

this is not
but the love
for a similar being.

Calling to you
As I sit
In the night
Trembling as I wait for a response
Lurking in my blind love
I will wait until
Night falls again and again to see you

Why is there so many words for death
but only one word for love?

I love you.
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